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So lost, so sad On top of shit butSo behindHalf way through, and now I knowShit won’t changeI’m hopeless, won’t ever learnLolololol in the saddest wayHow today is the same as 13, same as 5, as 1Rejected. Dejected. Embarrassed. Confused.Fat. Ugly. Wrong in some way.Too smart? Too loud? Too confident? Too much?I want to runContinue reading “11/26/19”


I love you so muchThat I hate youLeave me a foolWho adores youLongs for youWaits for youPines for youGives all to youFuck youFuck youFuck youYou’re cruelFuck youFuck youFuck youHate youFuck youFuck youFuck meFuck trueYou won’t seeWont look pastThe fearOf me Of me and you


I picked the path of resistanceRomance did not meet meAll I find is me entwinedIn weeds afloat at seaThat do not sinkThat will not giveRelief I don’t deserveTo watch all that I dream go drownIn hopelessness that’s me Instead they lieAdriftAnd IHalf SighAnd cryAnd cryAnd cryAnd cryAnd then see clearRealize that IHave always knownIt’s allContinue reading “11/6/21”

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