Does anybody else in here feel the way I do

This site asks for my narrative. Fuck. Here are my non-answers.

Fuck This Question


I’m drowning

In an eddy


Drunk spinney

No relief

No reprieve

From my sea of me all me

So sunk in, can’t see a shore

Eyes frozen blue search no more

A hopeful heart is nevermore

With one last beat I beg, implore

For sharks that lurk

In thick dark murk

My great white smirk

I’ll love that hurt

That bitingly

Would drain from me

The bile in me

That poisons me

So Shakespearey



Wish fully





Will end maybe

When jaws of life give death and free

So foolishly

Like always

I wait for it

To destroy me

Yet nobody

Will end my me

They never see

Will never be


Ignore my bleed

Won’t save me

From my dark sea

It’s only me

Always me



Dark starry


So dizzy

This damn eddy

Where’s Jeremy

To speak to me

To help me flee

Meet destiny

And die asea


It’s all I need

I long to leave

End my grief

Sooth my seethe

Stop naïve

Kill belief

Yet…I breathe

I don’t know why

I inhale – why?

I try – but why?

I kick – god why?

Gulp air – fuck why?

Surface – scream why?

Despair deny

I don’t know why

I hate the why

The fucking why

It’s treason lie

Churns inside

Won’t subside

Won’t just die

Stays high tide

Afloat, alive

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I don’t know how to live between
The darkest dark
And evergreen
A paradox
I can’t unlock
I tick and tock
And cry a lot
How do I learn
To lose all hope
Yet not let go
Not sink so low
To all I know
All I hate so
I want to go
I want to know
Another road
I haven’t sowed
That no one showed
Me to or fro
I’m all alone
Fuck it I’ll go


Just shut up
You crazy cunt
You’re not loved
You’re all not
So just give up
So just shut up
Shut shut shut
The. Fuck. Up.
There’s no up
Empty that cup
It’s all for naught
You slob you slut
A hopeless nut
An ugly mutt
Who all make fun
Of your dumb sun
You are nuthin
You are done
Just be gone